Bull Pup Pride

Bunnell Elementary has a legacy of success in the community, the state, the country, and the world. Here are some of the amazing accomplishments of our brilliant young scholars. 


Bunnell Elementary is one of only fourteen schools to receive the Gold Level Healthy Schools award.


Future Problem Solvers

Team Global Issues: Bunnell Elementary, 1st Place (52 teams competed in the Junior Division);

K. Jackson, K. Logan, M. Mwaura, H. Romaine; coach: Jennifer Colindres.

MAGIC: (Junior Division, grades 4-6)

M. Oliva  1st Place

I. Colindres  2nd Place

CmPS: (72 teams in junior, middle and senior divisions competed)

Project H.O.P.E. (BES) Grand Champion!!! (Junior Division)

The team made up of C.Courson, K. Jackson, I. Miller, H. Romaine and C. Sweeney (coached by Candice Bucknor and Jennifer Colindres) seeks to make the pediatric patient experience to the emergency room more comfortable (Helping Our Pediatric Experience).

Project GREEN (BES) 2nd Place (Junior Division)

The Garden Raising Environmental Efficiency Network is J. Bucknor, S. Gilliam, J. McMillian, M. Oliva and D. Wolcott. (coached by Jennifer Colindres and Christina Gilliam). Their goal is to educate students and families in Flagler County on how to sustain their own gardens and live a healthier lifestyle.