Classrooms to Careers

Bunnell Elementary School has a Classroom to Careers focus on environmental problem solving. We want our students to develop the critical thinking skills necessary for success in the future workforce. In order to accomplish a pathway for student graduation and impactful citizenship, BES students will be meeting real world sustainability challenges by creating their own real world solutions. 

Flagler County is facing many challenges now and in the near future.

Sustainable Building Practices


Flagler County has a large suburban community with a growing number of single family homes. It is going to be imperative that our local builders move to sustainable green practices as many already have. At BES, our students are working on sustainable water use practices and technology, elimination of waste, reduction of runoff, Florida friendly yards and gardens, and energy efficiency and production for the home.


Programs and Activities

  • LEGO Club HBA Parade of Home Competition

  • Engineering and Robotics Club

  • Future Problem Solvers


Sustainable Agriculture

Flagler County is also an agricultural community. The future of sustainable agriculture is in the hands of engineers and scientists. Our students are working on utilizing sustainable agricultural practices such as hydroponics. Our students are also learning the benefits of using locally grown produce to create healthy meals.

On the engineering side, BES students are learning about and developing creative solutions utilizing cutting edge technology such as computer design and 3D printing.

Programs and Activities

  • The Garden

  • Gridiron Challenge

  • Community Problem Solvers

  • Engineering and Robotics Clubs

Habitat Development and Protection

Flagler County, like all of Florida, contains important habitat for flora and fauna. Not only do we feel it is imperative for our students to be responsible stewards of the environment, but our local economy demands an environmentaly conscious future generation. Flagler County attracts many residents and tourists because of outdoor activities like fishing, birding, hiking, bike riding, running, boating, kayaking, surfing, beach going, and hunting.

Our students are learning how to be leaders in the protection and improvement of the natural environment.

Programs and Activities

  • Girls on the Run

  • Florida Friendly Yards and Gardens

    • Partnership with Local Landscape Companies

  • Palm Coast Parks Dept. Partnership

    • Linear Park Field Trip

    • Long Creek Field Trip

  • Future Problem Solvers