Celebrate Literacy Week 2019

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 9:29am


Celebrate Literacy Week, FL  2019

January 28-February 1

Two Pages….

Drop Everything and Read School Wide - Friday at 10:15-10:25 -2nd grade will need to take a book to specials to participate.

Project for class-What are the benefits of reading 20 minutes a day.  Shared Items will be displayed in the media center display case on the east side...get creative.

Sign up to have your class be a reading buddy to another class-spreadsheet for sign ups being shared.

Participate in the Literacy door/bulletin board decorating contest. Rubric with sign up sheet being shared.

Book Swap all week-3 locations, Media Center Hallway-Intermediate grade levels.

Building 10 down stairs-Mixed grade levels.

Building 1-grades PK-1

Tuesday-”Idiom” Day-Ex. She wears her heart on her sleeve.

Friday-Decorate a hat based on your favorite book.

Centers in the media center for scheduled classes-Origami/OSMO technology/Ipads & Nonfiction qr codes with comprehension ?s.

All Week-Mystery Reader every morning on the Announcements

Students via teacher will submit list of all 5 mystery readers via email to Mrs. Neubauer on Friday after announcements for a reward (depending on % correct).

Book a day (website/book title provided) with accompanying literacy/writing activities.

Website    https://www.storylineonline.net

Monday - Enemy Pie-Students will write a journal entry using grade appropriate grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Writing Tools.  Review/explain a journal. Have students write a journal entry pretending to be the main character in Enemy Pie. Remind students to include feelings in their entry.


Tuesday - Hula Hoopin’ Queen-Explain to students that they will write a story from the first- person point of view – they will be the main character in the story.  Generate a list of first-person words that students should use in their story. Tell students that in the story the girls were competing very hard to be the Queen of Hula- Hoopin’. Ask students to think of a time they worked really hard to be good at something so that they could be called the Queen (or King) of ...

Wednesday - If I Ran for President-Graphic organizer for persuasive essay.




Thursday -The Coal Thief-Google It: Find information about Girard, Pennsylvania: history, population, places to work, places to have fun, etc. Step 2: Use the information to create a brochure using either the computer or drawing paper.

Friday - Free choice (activity guide shows up in a red box after a story is selected).