September is "Attendance Awareness" Month

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 - 2:44pm

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September is Attendance Awareness Month
Did you know that success in school is directly related to good attendance?  Missing too many days from school can cause students to miss out on important instruction, making it more difficult to learn to read, to do math, and cause students to fall behind quickly.  Help your child build a habit that leads to success...the habit of attending school,  on time, everyday.  
We are kicking off our attendance competition September 1st.  This is a grade level competition.  The class with the highest percentage of attendance for the month of September will be rewarded with a special surprise in October, popcorn and a movie!  And there will be special recognition for perfect and improved attendance along the way.  Our message to each and every student is:  WE NEED YOU HERE!   ON TIME!  EVERYONE!  EVERYDAY!