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Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 10:14am


Things teachers do..........

 1. We create materials and search online for engaging lessons. 

 2. We differentiate lessons and analyze homework. 

 3. We help fellow teachers.

 4. We document, document, and then document some more.

 5. We input endless data.

 6. We read over daily plans and organize all materials before the day begins.

 7. We attend committee meetings.

 8. We respond to lots of parent questions.

 9. We jam and fix the copier.

10. We stress about standardized testing.

11. We manage technology.

12. We pick up trash, clean tables, and put away supplies..

13. We engage in impromptu before- and after-school parent-teacher conferences.

14. We go to the school library and search for books for daily lessons

15. We laminate, label, and file everything.

16. We update class websites.

17. We sharpen a lot of pencils.

18. We stop at the store before work to buy whatever item is needed for a science lesson.

19. We provide daily behavior reports for individual students.

20. We zip coats, tie shoes, open containers, and help our students. 

21. We encourage students.