Community Partners

Bunnell Elementary School would like to thank all the community businesses and organizations that help make BES the premier learning organization in our community. These organizations help build a bridge between the education we offer our students and the community outside the school walls. We hope to continue building relationships with these community partners as well as find more businesses and organizations to help build a legacy of success at Bunnell Elementary School.



The City if Bunnell has always been a strong supporter of BES. The Bull pup's have benefited in countless ways from the strong support of our local community. We would like to thank the City of Bunnell for supporting our recent Fall Festival and helping make the event a memorable and fun experience for our students.


Palm Coast

The City of Palm Coast has been steadfast in their support of BES through the sponsorship of yearly field trips for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. Each year, our students are able to spend the day at various municipal facilities and parks to learn about the environment and the impact we have as Flagler County Residents. Palm Coast provides its very own experts to talk to the kids and give them insights as to how their community works.



The Kiwanis have been an integral community supporter for years at BES. Their sponsorship of the K-Kids has had a tremendous impact on generations of students at BES.



Yellowstone Landscape Group provided BES with a professional landscape designer and volunteers to create and install a beautiful community garden.

Summer Clean up

What would we do without Yellowstone Landscape???? Over the summer Lisa Hall,  Employee Development and Program Manager and Scott Barnes, Senior Account Manager, rallied their summer interns to complete two days of service at BES. In early June, Lisa and Scott along with their interns completely overhauled our school garden. The purpose of their first visit was used as a team building experience. Their challenge was to see which team could get their garden area the cleanest! This included removing all debris (i.e. aging crops, a TON of weeds) and cleaning up any garden materials such as hoses, buckets and tools. When this project was scheduled both Lisa and Scott knew that Cathie Zanella, “the keeper of the garden”, was going to be out of town. They insisted on coming anyway to lend us a very needed helping hand. Our BES team jumped into action making sure the Yellowstone team had what they needed while they were there. The garden makeover was truly jaw dropping!!

The amount of hard work, dedication and competition put in on day one apparently was just an appetizer for some of the interns!! Believe it or not, they were more than ready for another BES garden day. Therefore, in mid June, under the direction of Lisa and Scott, eight of the interns returned to BES to assist us in covering up our 38 garden boxes with heavy plastic. This type of work needs an incredible amount of teamwork, communication and resilience! They rocked it!

As we begin our new garden season at BES, we feel very fortunate and grateful to start our 4th year partnering with a brilliant and generous company such as Yellowstone Landscape.