School Advisory Council

What is SAC?
In 1991, the Florida Legislature enacted a law that created School Advisory Councils (SAC) to assist in upholding the effectiveness of our public schools. Today, every public school in the state of Florida has a SAC to act as the driving force behind the school improvement process and increase student achievement.

School Advisory Councils are composed of principals, teachers, educational support personnel, parents, students, local business representatives, and community members. It is a group intended to represent the broad school community and those persons closest to the students who will share

School Advisory Council By-Laws
A By-Law is a law made by a body for the regulation of its own affairs entrusted to its care.

  • A regular meeting time and place for the SAC meetings will be established and published.

  • The SAC Chair and Vice Chair will be parent members of the committee not employed by the school.

  • The SAC Secretary can be a person who is employed by the school.

  • The SAC Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary are elected by the SAC.

  • The SAC Chair and principal will prepare an agenda for each meeting. The agenda will be distributed at least 3 days in advance of the meeting to all members.

  • The SAC Secretary will keep minutes of each meeting and distribute them to all members and participants of each meeting.

  • All meetings are opened to the public.

  • Decisions made by consensus will be encouraged. A majority of members and the 51% parent majority will constitute a valid action.

  • Committees may be established for the year or to complete a specific task.

  • The council will comply with all requirements of Florida’s Education Reform and Accountability Law.

  • Robert’s Rules of Order will be the accepted means of conducting each meeting. Robert’s Rules of Order