Positive Behavior

BES Expectations:
Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today
Be respectful and responsible.

Be eager to learn and well prepared.

Stay safe and cooperate.

Our goal is to create a safe learning environment where every student can achieve his or her very best. The BES staff is not only concerned with the physical safety of our students but also the emotional safety of our students. Only when a child feels safe can that child begin to learn.

Our staff believes that no significant learning can take place without a significant relationship, and we strive to build these relationships with our students.

What is PBIS?
PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports.. PBIS is different than traditional discipline. PBIS tries to figure out why a behavior is happening. We collect data and plan how to prevent that behavior from happening in the first place. This strategy is used schoolwide, in classrooms, and with individual students.

Once a behavior is identified and the cause of the behavior is found, our staff works to teach our students a better behavior through education and by rewarding the correct behavior. Our school wide reward system to support positive behaviors is the buster buck. Students can use buster bucks to purchase prizes from our buster buck store.

PBIS is a research proven strategy. However, it is most effective when used as a team approach. We need parent and community support and input to help us create the positive learning environment that all our students deserve.

For more information on PBIS visit the following website:

Positive Behavior Support Website

For information on how to use a PBIS approach at home to deal with difficult behaviors check out this brochure. Positive Solutions for Families.